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  • Artilith Neoil

    Artilith is a courageous and wise leader. He guards his rangers ferociously, and knows just how dangerous the wilderness can be. With over three decades of experience as a ranger, he is one of the most legendary warriors in Heimmdall, and is known …

  • Urdant Marsh

    A bold man, Urdant is not afraid to speak his mind. Though some find him a little too hot headed, he is a truly remarkable warrior, and an experienced ranger. Only Artilith knows the wilderness of Heimmdall better than he.

  • Kvarim 'the blade' Whisham

    Little is known about the man often referred to as 'the blade'. What is known is that his skill is unmatched and that he is a master in many forms of unarmed combat. He is indispensable to Artilith, and the Travsbor, and his skills as an assassin …

  • Henrick 'the boulder' Rhones

    Henrick is a monster of a man. He towers over normal men. Though he is not built like a typical ranger, his sheer size and ferocity have been invaluable on countless expeditions, not to mention his courage.

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